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Plate heat exchanger descaling cleaning method

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-20
Plate heat exchanger descaling cleaning method of plate heat exchanger is given priority to with scale, scale sample is hard, and heat transfer in combination with strong, difficult to use physical method to clear, so choose use of acid cleaning methods in chemical cleaning descaling. According to the scale of plate heat exchanger, aging degree and the user's requirements, the plate heat exchanger of chemical cleaning can be divided into remove cleaning and do not remove the two methods. Remove the descaling comparatively thorough cleaning, effect is good, but the large amount of labor, the process is complex, and easy for spare parts of plate heat exchanger leakage, damage and other adverse effects; Do not remove the descaling cleaning thoroughly enough, but a small amount of labor, simple process, and it is not easy to cause leakage of plate heat exchanger, the adverse effects such as spare parts damage. When the plate heat exchanger fouling in severe cases, in thermal efficiency is low, even jams, must be taken to remove the cleaning; When the plate heat exchanger fouling lighter or serious aging, can take not remove clean.
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