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Plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-11
Plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal because many customers reflect the effect of plate heat exchanger is not particularly good, so this kind of situation should be how to do? What causes? Let's go to know about the below. 1, the system configuration. Plate heat exchanger heat transfer effect, only to follow the laws of energy guide constant, namely hot side let heat is equal to the cold side absorb heat, in many cases, the hot side from the cold side of the heating system of heat do not have enough cooling water, such as not enough water quantity, water temperature, leading to hot side temperature come down, if this is the reason, the heat exchanger is again big also useless. 2, the plate heat exchanger itself. Many users provide only when buying heat exchanger heat transfer area, there is no heat transfer and flow, import and export temperature of medium etc specific data, as a result, despite the type of plate heat exchanger area they buy right, the unreasonable process combination, also can not meet the desired effect, even on the basis of this area is also useless.
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