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Plate heat exchanger gasket selection requirements_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-18
Selection requirements for gaskets of plate heat exchangers

2019-06-05 14:33
846 Different types of plate heat exchanger gaskets have different effects on plate heat exchangers, especially their heat exchange effect. We must choose suitable plate heat exchanger gaskets according to actual needs. Ensure the heat exchange effect of the equipment. Let’s talk about the selection requirements of plate heat exchanger gaskets: technical characteristics of plate heat exchanger gaskets 1. Double circulating water pump: when the unit is normal, one pump works and one pump is in standby. The circulating water pump automatically switches regularly, and when it works When the pump fails, the standby pump can be automatically put into operation. 2. The heat exchange unit automatically replenishes water and automatically constant pressure. The water make-up pump can be fully automated and manually controlled to start and stop, and the system voltage stabilization value can be freely set and adjusted according to actual conditions. When there are two water pumps, the make-up pumps can operate alternately. 3. The heat exchange unit is equipped with a solenoid valve and a safety valve secondary overpressure protection device. When the system is overpressure, the solenoid valve is first opened to release the pressure. If the solenoid valve is faulty, the safety valve is opened to release the pressure to ensure the stability of the system pressure and Safe operation. 4. The heat exchange unit is equipped with Zeyu's stainless steel filter recoil decontamination device, which has good decontamination effect and long service life. 5. All valves and instrument pipelines of the heat exchange unit adopt high-quality products, advanced and reasonable installation configuration, smooth pump operation, low noise, and effectively improve the environment of the computer room. 6. The configuration of the heat exchange unit is flexible, and the configuration can be optimized scientifically and reasonably according to the user's needs to meet customer requirements to a greater extent. Problems that should be paid attention to when selecting gaskets for plate heat exchangers The plate type or corrugated type should be determined according to the actual needs of the heat exchange occasion. If the flow rate is large and the pressure drop is small, the plate type with low resistance should be selected, and vice versa. According to the fluid pressure and temperature, determine whether to choose a detachable or a brazed type. When determining the plate type, it is not advisable to choose a plate with a single plate area that is too small, lest there are too many plates, the flow velocity between the plates is too small, and the heat transfer coefficient is too low. This problem should be paid more attention to for larger heat exchangers. Process and flow channel selection process refers to a group of parallel flow channels in the plate heat exchanger where a medium moves in the same direction, and the flow channel refers to the medium flow channel composed of two adjacent plates in the plate heat exchanger. Generally, several flow channels are connected in parallel or in series to form different combinations of cold and hot medium channels. The process combination form should be calculated based on heat exchange and fluid resistance, and determined under the requirements of process conditions. Try to make the convective heat transfer coefficients in the cold and hot water channels equal or close, so as to get a good heat transfer effect. Because the convective heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the heat transfer surface is equal or close to the heat transfer coefficient to obtain a larger value. Although the flow velocity between the plates of the plate heat exchanger is not equal, the average flow velocity is still used in the calculation of heat exchange and fluid resistance. Since the pipes of the 'U'-shaped single process are all fixed on the compression plate, it is convenient to disassemble and assemble. The above is an introduction to the selection requirements of plate heat exchanger gaskets, and I hope it can help users in need to buy suitable products. If you want to know more about the selection of gaskets for plate heat exchangers, please follow the official website of Diguang!
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