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Plate heat exchanger in a loop to see cleaner regularly

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-18
Plate heat exchanger in a loop to check timing plate heat exchanger in a loop to check timing cleaners of usefulness, to use PH paper. The assumed solution insisted on PH 2 ‐ 3, then cleaner is still useful. Assume that cleaner PH reached 5 ‐ 6, need to add the appropriate cleaners. Whether the PH of the solution in 2 ‐ 3 when 30 minutes with no obvious change, confirmed that arrived in the plate heat exchanger cleaning effect; After arriving at the cleaning time, recycling cleaning solution. Repeating flush plate heat exchanger and water until flush clean to neutral, PH paper is used to test the PH 6 ~ 7; After finished cleaning can be switched on. Can also suppress experiment, see if there are any leaks. Assume a leak, can choose high polymer composites for correcting maintenance, and can greatly prolong the service life of the plate heat exchanger.
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