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Plate heat exchanger is introduced

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-06
The introduction of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger is one of the most popular types of heat exchanger specifications, because it can increase or decrease in existing plate heat exchanger in hot plate changing heat transfer area. In addition, they install and maintain the required space. Plate heat exchanger in each slice thickness of cushion for leaning on and adjacent heat exchanger plate plate isolation, if the fluid contains solid particles of congestion will occur. Gasket is also a kind of possible leakage source, so this type of plate heat exchanger generally cannot be applied to more than 2070 kpa pressure ( 300 psi) Situation & ndash; Female mouth fruit fluid hydrocarbon or other flammable material, is one of the installation position of plate heat exchanger should keep the may leak from the spacer fluid from near the engine, heating furnace, or other spark source. Every tablet on the plate heat exchanger made of corrugated shape, to ensure that the fluid flow is turbulent: due to the thickness of the plate spacing is a gasket, heat can be quickly from the cold fluid thermal fluid flow, heat transfer coefficient is greater than the tube shell heat exchanger, heat exchange plate area is much smaller.
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