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Plate heat exchanger leakage disposal methods

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-14
Plate heat exchanger leakage disposal method (1) there is no pressure, according to the manufacturer to provide the clamping size to clamping device, the size should be uniform, compact size of deviation should be no greater than & plusmn; 0. Total 2 Nmm, Ⅳ for plate heat exchanger plate. The parallelism between the two hold-down plates should be kept within 2 mm. (2) the plate heat exchanger leakage on the parts ready, then one by one, trying to solve the disintegration of heat exchanger, repackaging or replace the gasket and plate. (3) the disintegration of plate heat exchanger, the plate deformation of parts for repair or replacement of plates. No board piece of spare parts when the deformation part plate can be temporarily removed reassembled after use. Reassemble the apart of plate heat exchanger plate (4), should clean the board face, prevent dirt adhesion on gasket sealing surface.
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