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Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Replacement

  1. 1:Maintenance and Replacement of Heat Exchanger

Shanghai Empire has a complete production line,can develop mould and pressing plates,and keeping sizable plates & gaskets stocks, can replace Alfa Laval,APV,GEA,Tranter,Sondex,Funke,Thermowave,Vicarb. also can provide maintenance and refurbish service of heat exchanger.


For faulty heat exchangers, after analyze, our specialized maintenancer provides maintenance. the regular faulty reason of heat exchanger: The metal liner of connection appears leakage, plates appear corrosive pitting, aging of the sealing gaskets, corrosion damage of the frame plate, corrosion loosening of the clamping bolt.


We have various material plate(SS304/SS316/Ti) ,gaskets(EPDM/NBR/Viton),bolts and other parts,and enough stocks,can meet timely the replacement requirements of clients for different brands.For heat exchanger units, we can select and design to achieve heat transfer performance.

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