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Plate heat exchanger parts installation steps

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-19
Plate heat exchanger parts installation steps 1, read the plate heat exchanger random file ( Certificate of approval, material certificate, flowcharts, assembly, packing list, etc. ) 。 2, check the plate heat exchanger, plate, takeover, gasket material is consistent with the corrosion of heat exchanger in medium requirements. 3, check whether all the parts according to the drawing is complete, the type, size is consistent with the drawings. 4, the plate heat exchanger plate gasket groove wipe up, evenly coated with adhesive, stick on the gasket. Then board piece of neatly stacked together, the pressure on some weight. 5, according to the plate heat exchanger design flow chart for assembly, and clamping sequence according to the rules. When clamping attention to tighten the nut in sequence. 6, hydraulic experiment according to unilateral respectively. Test pressure for plate heat exchanger design 1. 25 times the pressure for 30 minutes. Check all sealed and welding parts, no leakage for qualified.
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