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Plate heat exchanger repair process and steps? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-11
Plate heat exchanger repair process and steps?

2020-11-17 16:58
The 200 plate heat exchanger sometimes fails after a long time of use. Many people do not know how to repair the plate heat exchanger failure. Today, I will share with you the maintenance process and steps of the plate heat exchanger? Start to view: create file data for stainless steel plates and gaskets used under high temperature and corrosive media, and make initial discriminant analysis of plate corrosion and gasket aging, so that a reasonable cleaning plan can be drawn up. Remove the gasket: carefully remove the gasket of each plate. When removing the rubber gasket, we will adopt corresponding protection methods to prevent the gasket from being harmed. Plate cleaning: We will put the plates into professional cleaning equipment. The entire cleaning process has strict control procedures to ensure that the plates are completely clean. We draw up different cleaning plans for different working conditions. Color inspection: using the method of color soaking inspection, we will conduct a strict inspection of your cleaned plates to ensure that the plates are the same as the new ones without cracks, corrosion points and other defects. Cleaning: The colored and soaked plates will be completely cleaned with the soaking agent again. After cleaning, the plates will be quickly and completely dried with compressed air. After cleaning, the surface of the plate will be as smooth as new. Appearance inspection: The cleaned plates will be carefully inspected again and arranged in order, waiting to enter the subsequent process. Mounting gasket: Install the gasket (bonding or bonding-free) on the cleaned plate. Packing and shipping: Pack the plates with professional packaging materials, and the packaging adopts corresponding methods to prevent the plates from being scratched during transportation. Today, the editor shared with you the maintenance process and steps of the plate heat exchanger? If you have any questions about the maintenance of the plate heat exchanger, the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer welcomes your consultation.
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