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Plate heat exchanger repair: the heat transfer process of plate heat exchanger? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-08
Plate heat exchanger repair: the heat transfer process of plate heat exchanger?

2021-01-08 13:43
The heat recovery rate of 297 plate heat exchanger can be as high as 90% or more, so many manufacturers will choose to buy plate heat exchanger. The mechanical production is very complicated. If it is damaged, people who don’t know will not know How to repair it, and many people are more interested in the heat transfer process of plate heat exchangers. Today I will share with you the heat transfer process of plate heat exchangers: the heat transfer process of plate heat exchangers? Plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchange equipment made up of a series of metal sheets with specific corrugated shapes. Thin rectangular channels are formed between each plate, and heat exchange is carried out through the plates. It is an ideal equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, low heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, wide application, long service life and so on. Under the same pressure loss, the heat transfer coefficient is relatively high, the floor space is small, and the heat recovery rate can be as high as 90% or more. The heat exchange between the cold and hot fluids in the plate heat exchanger is generally accomplished through convective heat exchange of the fluid or heat exchange in a disguised phase, and the heat conduction of the scale layer and the plates. Usually the medium involved in the heat exchange is fluid rather than gas, so there is no radiative heat exchange. Convection heat transfer, convection and heat conduction are all basic methods of heat transfer. For the heat transfer process of a plate heat exchanger, the fluid is always in direct contact with the solid wall. Therefore, on the one hand, the transfer of heat relies on the continuous movement of fluid particles, which is the so-called convective heat transfer. On the one hand, it relies on the heat conduction effect caused by the temperature difference between the fluid and the wall and the fluid. This process in which convection and heat conduction exist at the same time is convective heat transfer. There are many factors that affect convective heat transfer, such as the physical properties of the fluid (specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, density, viscosity, etc.), the shape and size of the equipment surface, and the way the fluid flows, which will also affect the convective heat transfer. The editor of the above article shared with you the plate heat exchanger repair: the heat transfer process of the plate heat exchanger? If you have any questions about the maintenance of the plate heat exchanger, the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer welcomes your consultation.
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