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Plate heat exchanger using the production preparation

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-18
Plate heat exchanger using the production preparation ( 1) Plate heat exchanger before the use should check whether clamping bolt looseness, according to the specifications pressure to the appropriate location, in place to ensure that all bolt uniform. ( 2) Press 1 before use. 25 times the operating pressure of hydrostatic test, the holding 20 min without leakage shall be put into production. ( 3) Plate heat exchanger used before cleaning with water circulation about 20 min. ( 4) Bleed valve in the pipeline system for plate heat exchanger in the pipe, open after discharge device should be in the air, prevent air stays in the equipment, reduce the heat transfer effect. ( 5) Import and export control of the installation of cold and hot medium factory brand specified direction should strictly according to the connection. Otherwise, can't play the best performance of plate heat exchanger. ( 6) Plate heat exchanger used in food, pharmaceutical, and put into production before each bolt should be loosened, each plate with brown brush clean, should be carried out in accordance with the process of assembly. With 82 ~ 90 ℃ hot water for 10 ~ 20 min loop disinfection and immediately start the material pump, cooling material all the remaining water in the plate heat exchanger plate ejection, until it is the material can be produced.
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