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Plate heat exchanger when debugging matters needing attention

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-21
Plate heat exchanger when debugging matters need to pay attention to the first: the location of the installation plate heat exchanger around to reserve certain test site. Second: before installation of pipeline cleaning, they are connected to avoid sand, oil, welding slag and other debris into the plate heat exchanger, port obstruction or damage of plates. Plate heat exchanger, cover an area of an area small, light weight, in addition to the volume of the device itself, does not need to set aside an additional inspection and installation space, used the thickness of the plate heat exchanger is 0. 6 ~ 0. 8mm。 Third: open and stop order plate heat exchanger when stop, first close the high side medium electromagnetic valve, and then closed the medium on the low voltage side of solenoid valve. In today's exaggerated high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, upper hand in the field of plate heat exchanger in the heat exchange is increasingly significant, which can used for various disinfection process in the process of heating, cooling and food, etc. , in terms of low grade heat energy recovery, also have significant economic benefits. The low voltage side of plate heat exchanger, when the phone is switched on to open the first medium plunger valve, media is full of plate heat exchanger channels and then slowly open the high side medium plunger valve.
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