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Plate heat exchanger with little knowledge

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-19
Plate heat exchanger with little knowledge of plate heat exchanger should not be used in a dirty or easy fouling environment ( Unless additional effective other measures) , the operating temperature should be controlled at about 50 ℃ or lower. Use without the softening of the cooling water as cooling medium, in order to avoid the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ion in sensitivity of medium temperature. Plate heat exchanger according to the usage of different take cyclical chemical cleaning or unpick and wash is very effective, both clogging and scaling. Marking on leakage parts of plate heat exchanger, and then given to solve the break-up of plate heat exchanger and repackaging or replace the gasket and plate. The disintegration of plate heat exchanger, the plate deformation of parts for repair or replacement of plates. Without plate of spare parts can dismantle parts deformation plate temporarily reassembled after use.
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