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Plate type cooler maintenance methods and excellent characteristics

by:DIGUANG     2020-03-29
Maintain the cleanness of plate type cooler plate is one of the important condition to keep high coefficient of heat transfer. Between the plates, the medium is along the narrow winding flow movement, even if not too thick layer of scale, will also cause the change of the flow channel, significantly affect the fluid movement, leads to increasing the pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient decreased, such as a sugar mill used in heating plate stainless steel heat exchanger, due to secondary water is no good treatment, only two months in use process will port congestion, cannot continue to run. 1, the chemical cleaning method, this method is to cycle through the heat exchanger, a chemical solution to dissolve dirt on the surface of the plate, eduction. This method does not need to open the heat exchanger, simplifies the cleaning process, and to reduce the cleaning degree of labor. Due to the plate corrugated can promote the cleaning fluid severe turbulence, beneficial to dissolve dirt, so the chemical cleaning method is ideal. 2, machinery ( The physical) Cleaning method, this method is to manually with the brush after plate washing, so as to achieve the goal of clear plate surface dirt. This method proved to be more directly, but a hard and a thick layer of scale, it is not easy to clean. 3, comprehensive cleaning method for oil cooler fouling layer is hard and thick, just use this kind of method is difficult to clean. Synthetic method is to use chemical cleaning method to soften dirt first, reoccupy machinery ( The physical) Remove dirt cleaning method to keep the plate clean. China's chemical industry development is more and more prosperous, in the field of chemical industry is the most essential chemical produce control machine, due to the development of the chemical cooler equipment machine are elaborately developed by specialized scientific research staff. That includes the research and development of oil cooler, so some function and good characteristics of oil cooler is what? Heat transfer function is as a result of the design of the pipe of oil cooler copper tube thread type, so the effect of the heat transfer area and heat transfer oil cooler than a lot of heat pipe heat transfer on the general effect is better. Because of the characteristics of the design of the oil cooler in use process will not fall off phenomenon, flush welds because if have solder joint falls off phenomenon, the heat transfer effect will cause certain influence. So the oil cooler heat transfer function is not random. Oil leak on the topic and the design of the main components of the plate tube is integration, and also will check the leak of the title, to a certain extent, can avoid the phenomenon of oil spills, and so on the leakage of oil to do well. In the process of equipment in the oil cooler device, it is very easy to install, due to the rotation of the foot can be three hundred and sixty degrees, so the foot pedestal installation can be installed directly on the host and tank at any position, so the installation works is very simple. Of the specifications of the flow due to the different of plate type cooler to beg to surrender to different purposes, so in the use of oil cooler, has a big traffic flow, and small flow process, so we can have a variety of USES a wider use. Oil cooler on the industry, like chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, and other areas of the parts and are widely used to get up. Not only function not disorderly and on the effect of heat transfer is also very good.
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