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Plate type cooler operating considerations

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-27
Plate type cooler operation notice board type cooler should be paid attention to the safe operation of the following: 1) If the initial investment is slow, must fully preheat preheat and gradually; 2) Preheating of the pressure reducing valve and adjusting plate cooler after debugging work; 3) Plate type cooler should first start the cold side of the valve, and then open the hot side valve after stability; Stop, first close the hot side valve, then close the cold side of the valve. 4) Plate type cooler after normal operation, shut off the steam Water cooler (trap The principle of not shown in the figure) , trap will work properly. If the temperature of the plate type cooler steam trap is too low, such as less than 50 & deg; C, you can open the bypass valve. If the temperature of the steam trap is too high, such as more than 90 & deg; C in the absence of pressure and condensate system, the closed bypass valve to prevent steam through, resulting in a soda. 5) As far as possible, using the same type of plate cooler, make the operation more stable, higher operating efficiency.
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