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Precautions for maintenance and cleaning of brazed plate heat exchanger_

by:DIGUANG     2021-03-31
Precautions for maintenance and cleaning of brazed plate heat exchangers

2019-10-12 13:31
723 Any equipment that has been used for a long time needs to be overhauled and cleaned. This is not only for troubleshooting, but also for keeping the equipment in good operating condition and prolonging its service life. What issues should the staff pay attention to when repairing and cleaning the brazed plate heat exchanger? The following is the answer from the editor of Diguang: The plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of small size and light weight, which is convenient for maintenance, and does not require maintenance and lifting facilities, so the installation takes up less space. Manual maintenance of the plate heat exchanger includes folding the whole machine apart, cleaning the plates and gaskets with water spray guns and brushes, checking the plates and gaskets, and replacing the plates and gaskets if necessary. Generally, the plate heat exchanger needs to be cleaned once a year, regardless of whether it is actually needed, so that the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger can be maintained. When using cooling water with poor water quality such as river water and sea water, there is a danger of surface pollution and blockage due to the presence of sediment and dirt, as well as the rapid growth of microorganisms. In foreign countries, when river water is used as cooling water, the cleaning frequency is very high, with an average of 3.3 times per year. Therefore, when the heat exchanger uses the water source, you should try to choose a relatively clean water source, which can prevent the damage of the heat exchanger, and can also reduce unnecessary cleaning, and achieve the effect of saving costs. In order to keep the customer's plate heat exchanger in good operating condition, Diguang Heat Transfer provides users with services such as 'dismantling, cleaningRepair and maintenance services are mainly based on 'retrieve factory inspection and repair' and 'on-site cleaning and maintenance'. 'Retrieve factory inspection and repair' takes the customer's plate heat exchanger main unit back for maintenance, and returns it to normal state. 'On-site cleaning and maintenance' means that the company's professional engineers bring professional equipment to the user's site to perform operations. The time is short, the efficiency is high, and the customer's production and operation will not be delayed. In addition, various service menus such as consultation are also provided to help customers maintain the good condition of the plate heat exchanger. The above are some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when repairing and cleaning the brazed plate heat exchanger. I hope it will be helpful to you. Diguang Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional plate heat exchanger repair manufacturer, can provide users with high-quality services. Users in need are welcome to contact us!
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