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Precautions for the selection of rubber pads for plate heat exchangers_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-04
Precautions for the selection of rubber pads for plate heat exchangers

2019-03-15 17:07
There are many types of 835 plate heat exchanger rubber gaskets, and the type of plate heat exchanger suitable for each model is also different. For example, the gasket installed on this type of plate heat exchanger can be replaced by another The first type of plate heat exchanger will cause the heat transfer effect and performance of the equipment to be greatly reduced. Therefore, for different types of plate heat exchangers, it is necessary to choose the corresponding plate heat exchanger rubber pads in order to exert a better use effect. How to choose a plate heat exchanger gasket? In other words, what issues should be paid attention to when choosing a plate heat exchanger gasket? The answer will be given below. What points should we pay attention to in the selection process of plate heat exchanger rubber pads? Below, the staff of Diguang Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. will answer our questions. 1. When choosing a plate heat exchanger, try to make the side with the smaller heat transfer coefficient get a larger flow rate, and try to make the heat transfer coefficients on both sides of the two fluid heat exchange surfaces equal or similar to improve the heat transfer coefficient. The temperature of the fluid heated by the heat exchanger should be 10°C lower than the saturation temperature at the outlet pressure of the heat exchanger, and should be lower than the working temperature of the water pump used for the secondary water. 2. The fluid containing silt and dirt should be filtered before entering the plate heat exchanger. 3. When the plate heat exchanger is selected, the flow velocity at the interface of the fluid on the side with the smaller temperature difference should not be too large, and it should be able to meet the pressure drop requirements. 4. For the case of large flow rate and low pressure drop, the plate type with low resistance should be selected, otherwise, the plate type with large resistance should be selected. 5. When selecting plates, it is not advisable to choose plates with too small veneer area, so as to avoid too many plates, the flow velocity between plates is too small, and the heat transfer coefficient is reduced. 6. The heat exchange medium of the plate heat exchanger should not be steam. Of course, if you want to know more about the pads of plate heat exchangers, please follow the official website of Diguang, we will share with you hot issues of pads of plate heat exchangers at any time, and answer your questions.
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