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Prevent any good method to reduce damage of the cooler

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-04
There are many, the root causes of cooler vibration and one or a few of them could be aroused the harmful vibration source. By reciprocating machinery ( A detailed description of chemical vibrating screen) The pulse is a source of vibration; And by supporting member or connection pipe of some vibration, is another exciting source. Due to these types of vibration source frequency for the system, is can be expected to. And fluid mechanics, the mechanism of vibration is more unpredictable. Fluid flow excitation can be divided into two types: namely sparked by the parallel to the axis of pipe flow ( According to the longitudinal flow) And excited by the perpendicular to the axis of the tube flow ( According to horizontal flow I) 。 Lateral flow under normal circumstances can cause large amplitude, the cooler tube is very dangerous. 1) The shell side of the lower line speed, when cannot change flow child, can increase the tube pitch or increase the shell size. 2) Improve the tube natural frequency, effective way is to shorten the tube without bearing the biggest span length or change pipe material, increase the wall thickness, but the effect is better than method 1) Significantly. 3) Change the baffle plate form or switch to baffle rod, can also be used in heat transfer and pressure drop under the premise of changing the pipe arrangement. 4) When take over when the vibration can increase the diameter.
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