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Prevent leakage hotwater heat exchanger method

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-02
Prevent hotwater heat exchanger leakage method a try to water leakage, water leakage from the literal meaning to understand, in the water is pumped into heat exchange equipment, after filling water use the water pressure in the pump to equipment, wait for fluid with standard pressure, and can leak test was carried out on the hotwater heat exchanger. Wait until after the completion of the test for leaks after marked, repeat the steps just now. If the equipment volume is larger, and leakage problem is very serious, with low pressure tends to leak, so will leak, plugging after continue to repeat the above steps, such as, thus increasing the heat exchange equipment maintenance time. Because irrigation was carried out on the hotwater heat exchanger and increase it takes a long time, and the leak and to use the fire repair welding to welding, so even the leak out to dry, or you will make the repair welding leakage elimination effect is not ideal. Try and water leakage is that kind of tiny cracks found basically. Two leakage, pressure test method must first hotwater heat exchanger in the water, through gases inside the hose to the radiator, and then to check the equipment have bubbles. Into the hotwater heat exchanger in other pressures in l - Between 2 ATM, test time is greater than 1 min, wait until the test after the completion of a check on the other side of the situation in the same way again. Hotwater heat exchanger leakage after had better use nitrogen to perform pressurized leakage treatment, the speed is faster. And using nitrogen for hotwater heat exchanger leakage inspection, don't need to do to the replacement process, saved test leakage elimination time greatly.
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