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Process Design for the system

Concentrated production line overview:

The production line has the advanced international advanced technology level. It adopts closed automatic and continuous production from raw material to product packaging. Its characteristics are: advanced technology, good product quality, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and high automation level.

1Cleaning, sorting, crushing

(1) Various comprehensive physical cleaning methods such as soaking, blasting, rubbing, spraying, brushing, and air bubbles are used to ensure the cleaning effect.

(2) Picking is carried out manually on the sorting table. The purpose is to remove mold, pests, damaged fruits and foreign objects.

(3) The crushing equipment adopts imported equipment. The crushing particle size is uniform, the pulp particle size is controlled between 3mm to 20mm, and the broken pulp is sent to the juicer after heating.


The imported belt juicer has the advantages of high juice yield, continuous production, small floor space, easy cleaning and low cost.

3SterilizationUsing pasteurization technology and equipment, the sterilization equipment is fully automatic controlled, the sterilization temperature is 95 °C, and the sterilization time is 40 seconds.
4DegummingFruit juice is rich in pectin, protein, starch, polyphenols and other substances. These substances will not be removed, which will affect the color and turbidity of apple juice and the evaporation and concentration of the latter process. Therefore, it is necessary to add a certain enzyme preparation for treatment, degumming, clarification system, main metering enzyme adding device, reaction storage tank and corresponding fluid conveying equipment.
5filterThe advanced membrane filtration technology has the advantages of reasonable process, high automation and energy saving compared with the traditional process. After the membrane filtration treatment, the juice has high light transmittance, color, absorbance and concentration index, which are higher than the traditional process.
6Evaporation concentration system

adopts three-effect plate type falling and rising film evaporator, which has the advantages of large evaporation, high efficiency.

high concentration ratio, low energy consumption, fast andlow temperature evaporation. It is fully capable of producing high-quality concentrated juices that meet export standards. Our company has also developed a large-scale five-effect tubular falling film evaporator for users to choose.

7Sterile canning systemThe aseptic canning machine has the advantages of advanced technology, stable operation and high degree of automation.

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