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Repair method of plate heat exchanger rubber pad damage_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-06
Repair method for damage of rubber pad of plate heat exchanger

2019-10-15 13:48
701 plate heat exchanger is a highly efficient heat exchange device, and it has a wide range of applications. It is mainly composed of plates and gaskets. Once the plate heat exchanger rubber gasket is damaged or invalidated, it will It will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, so it is particularly important to master the correct repair method. The following editor will introduce to everyone the repair method of the plate heat exchanger rubber pad damage. 1. Pressure influence: the disassembly of the plate heat exchanger will cause leakage when it is used in the rated working pressure. In addition to the impact caused by the difference in the quality of the manufacturing and assembly of the device, it is generally also related to the abnormal impact load in the system. It is related, and this is not easy for ordinary operators to see. The instantaneous pressure peak caused by the impact is often about 2 times higher than the normal working pressure, which also makes the rubber installed in the plate heat exchanger The displacement of the gasket makes the sealing of the plate heat exchanger gradually fail. The heat transfer element used in this device is made of thin stainless steel, so the sealing is poor, and the sealing periphery is very long. Therefore, the impact resistance is much lower than that of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. 2. Time influence: For equipment used or idle for several years, the gradual aging of the sealing material itself will seriously affect the reliability of the seal, so it is necessary to replace it with a new gasket in time during maintenance. 3. Temperature effect: rapid changes in temperature can also lead to seal failure. When the temperature changes rapidly, the pre-tightening force of the plate heat exchanger seal is significantly reduced, making the device's bearing pressure higher than the rated design pressure It's a lot lower. Repair method for damage to the rubber pad of the plate heat exchanger: the plate is generally cleaned by hand and chemical methods, and must not be removed with a sharp tool to prevent scratching the plate. The correct installation and protection and maintenance are an important part of ensuring the safety and efficiency of the heating system. Compared to the herringbone corrugated plate, it is also different due to the choice of adhesive or buckle type gasket. Choosing the buckle type gasket can effectively prevent the corrosion of the plate from the chloride ion that may be contained in the glue , And the equipment disassembly and assembly are more convenient. However, because the plate heat exchanger has a small flow cross-sectional area, if it is not protected and maintained in time, it may become blocked due to fouling, which will affect the safety and normal operation of the equipment. Gas spray guns can also be used for heating, but the flame should be strictly controlled to the bottom of the plate. The interval is 10-15cm, and more attention should be paid to aluminum alloy plates. The maintenance cycle of plate heat exchanger is generally 2 years. For stainless steel plates, steel wires must not be used to brush the stainless steel plates. The cleaning water must not contain salt, sulfur and other ingredients, and the CL- content of the water is less than 20ppm. The above is the main reason for the damage of the plate heat exchanger rubber pad and the repair method. Users in need can find out. In order to prolong the service life of the rubber pads of the plate heat exchanger, we must do the corresponding maintenance work at ordinary times. This will not only avoid problems with the rubber pads, but also improve the efficiency of the equipment, hurry up and learn!
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