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Several common types of corrosion damage plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-02
Several common plate heat exchanger of corrosion damage of several common corrosion damage type plate heat exchanger type: 1 uniform corrosion on the entire surface of the media exposure, or in a larger area, uniform corrosion damage on the macro name is uniform corrosion. 2 two potential contact corrosion plate heat exchanger of different metal or alloy contact each other, and dissolved organic matter in electrolyte solution in between them there will be an electric current passes through, potential is lower of metal corrosion speed, potential negative metal corrosion speed increase. 3 selective corrosion alloy due to corrosion, an element in the priority into the medium is called selective corrosion. 4 pitting corrosion on the metal surface corrosion depth on individual dots bigger called pitting corrosion, corrosion, pitting or small holes through them. 5 crevice corrosion and cracks in the metal on the surface of the plate heat exchanger is the part of the cover will produce severe crevice corrosion. 6 scouring corrosion erosion is due to the medium and relative motion between the metal surface of plate and shell heat exchanger and make a process accelerated corrosion. Intergranular corrosion of 7 intergranular corrosion is preferred corrosion metal or alloy plate heat exchanger near grain boundary and grain boundary area, and a corrosion corrosion smaller grain itself. Stress corrosion cracking (8 鳞状细胞癌) And corrosion fatigue of SCC is within a certain metal medium system, caused by corrosion and the common role of tensile stress in the plate and shell heat exchanger material fracture.
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