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Shanghai Empire Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger

Shanghai Empire Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger


Plate and shell heat exchanger, put welded plate pack into shell,

fluid A of plate side flows within plates,fluid B of shell side flows between plates within shell.

Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger

(All-welded Plate-shell Heat Exchanger)     

Plate Heat Exchanger

(Detachable Plate-shell Heat Exchanger)

Plate and shell heat exchanger combines advantage of plate heat exchanger and tube-shell heat exchanger, 

The stress distribution of circular plate is uniform, is more suitable for variable temperature operating conditions, increasing the heat transfer area to increase heat exchange efficiency.

It has detachable type and all-welded type, can used for HVAC, oil& gas, coal coking, circulating wate cooling,chemical,pharmaceutical and other application.

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