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Special Design Of Hydraulic Press

Special Design Of Hydraulic Press


Hydraulic Press Special design: Safety protection in order to ensure the safe operation of the press, our company's press design multiple protection functions.

① Position protection:

a: Move the workbench into and out of position.

b: upper limit position, lower limit position, working position of the movable table.

We carry out chain protection design for the above related positions. Any one of the presses can not work if it is not in place, which plays a role of safety protection.

② Operational protection:

Infrared emission and receiving devices are set at the tablet feeding and discharging position. When improper operation or improper entry into the operation restricted area occurs at any time, the press will immediately stop running to ensure safety.

③ Overpressure protection:

a. Set the limit pressure protection point in the program.

b. The touch screen locks the limit pressure protection point and prohibits overpressure setting.

c. Checking and protection, we also set up mechanical pointer instruments as a check and special protection. On the one hand, the accuracy of the pressure value can be implemented, and on the other hand, if the value of the electronic meter is out of alignment, the mechanical pointer instruments can still be used. Achieve extreme pressure protection.

d. The boost ratio is the fourth protection for the safety protection of the overpressure of the press, because our pump pressure is set when the maximum limit pressure of the press is determined. Due to the limit of the boost ratio, the preset pump pressure cannot be pushed. Supercharger overpressure therefore acts as a limit pressure protection.

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