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System Integration

  1. System Integration 

System integration is an integrated device that integrates heat exchange equipment, circulating pump, make-up water pump, instrumentation, etc. Through scientific calculation and optimization design, the integrated device has advanced and reasonable control system, convenient operation and management, saving operation cost and function. Diversification and other advantages. It can provide integrated heat transfer integrated solutions for customers with different needs. Our company's system integration products mainly include: plate evaporative sterilization device, CO2 air source heat pump integrated system, central heating system device, intelligent water supply system device, waste heat recovery system device, process cooling system device, dew point air conditioning device, etc.

Working principle of plate evaporation sterilization technology and equipment:

Based on the basic principles of heat transfer, mass transfer and separation, the new plate-type rising and falling film evaporator and high-efficiency cyclone separator, advanced plate preheater and plate condenser. Operate under vacuum, Using fresh steam as a heating heat source, the material is heated to separate the moisture in the material from the material to achieve the purpose of material concentration. The secondary steam generated during the evaporation process is repeatedly reused, multi-effect evaporation can be performed, energy is fully utilized, and energy saving and economy of the device are improved.

Features of the plate evaporation sterilization device:

  1. Efficient, fast, low temperature evaporation;
  2. >  The surface is made of hygienic stainless steel to ensure the hygiene requirements of the product and is conducive to human health;
  3. Multi-effect evaporation, reasonable process and energy saving.
  4. >  The device can be added with secondary steam mechanical compression (MVR) and thermal compression (TVR), which is equivalent to improving the effect of one effect;
  5. The sterilizing preheater, evaporator and condenser are all made of plate type equipment, which is easy to handle for easy loading and unloading;
  6. >  System science and stable operation. Once the materials and steam are set, automatic operation can be realized;
  7. >  Artificial intelligence control and computer control can be realized;
  8. >  Small footprint, low height, easy to operate and maintain, and can adjust the processing capacity of the device according to customer needs.
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