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The advantage of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-05
The advantage of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger for unit volume of pipe heat exchanger heat transfer area is small, the structure is compact, high coefficient of heat transfer is not the shortage of the place and developed a kind of heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger has greatly improved heat transfer operation. The surface of the plate heat exchanger can closely packed, so all kinds of plate heat exchanger has compact structure, low material consumption, the characteristics of the heat transfer coefficient is large. This kind of heat exchanger in general can't bear high pressure and high temperature, but for the low pressure, low temperature or strong corrosive and must use the occasion of precious materials, all sorts of plate heat exchanger are display file a bigger superiority. Plate heat exchanger are spiral plate heat exchanger, plate type heat exchanger, plate fin heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger, etc.
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