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The advantage of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-16
The advantage of plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger can reduce boiler scale in boiler installed after the plate heat exchanger, need to rethink the water quality regulation, according to the low pressure hot water boiler water quality standards to control, plate heat exchanger in circulating system for softening water, adding untreated groundwater outside circulation system. Such has not been softened water to soften, thus improving the boiler water quality, reduce the softener regeneration process of salt consumption, at the same time can prevent fouling of the boiler. Installed in the middle of the heating hot water boiler plate heat exchanger, can reduce the use of boiler scale inhibitor and deoxidizer and drug use, thus greatly reduces the cost of consumption, but also can reduce corrosion, can say than plate heat exchanger using the transformation before, economic benefit is also improved a lot.
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