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The advantages of plate heat exchangers compared to ordinary heat exchanger equipment_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-15
The advantages of brand plate heat exchangers compared to ordinary heat exchanger equipment

2020-09-28 14:15
402 Many products are packaged through many steps, such as raw material mixing, mixing, pressing, stretching and so on. This industrialized production process may generate a lot of heat, and how to properly handle this heat is a problem that people need to pay attention to. Next, the branded plate heat exchanger repair manufacturer Diguang Heat Transfer will give you a brief introduction to the branded plate heat exchanger to deal with the heat of industrial production. The plate heat exchanger of Diguang Heat Transfer brand has obvious advantages: (1) No operating cost of spare parts is required. Because of the laser welding, no glue strip is needed, the side reflects the stability of the operation, the later maintenance cost is low, and it is extremely resistant to high temperature and pressure. (2) Low fouling. Unlike ordinary plate heat exchangers, the plates are polished before laser welding, which facilitates welding and does not need to worry about cleaning. (3) It has all the advantages that can be imagined by other ordinary heat exchangers: small footprint, high heat exchange efficiency, convenient maintenance, and stable operation. To be honest, branded plate heat exchangers are still a niche market in the industry, because few manufacturer brands can do this, but some large, knowledgeable manufacturers have already used it. The above are the advantages of brand plate heat exchangers compared to ordinary products. If you want to know more about the repair price, plan, process, etc. of the brand plate heat exchanger, please go to the official website of the Diguang heat transfer plate heat exchanger brand for detailed consultation.
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