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The application of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-01
Trend of the application of plate heat exchanger with the development of the society and the acceleration of urbanization, the central heating way is more and more mature, plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat exchange device, high heat exchange efficiency. Plate heat exchanger, cover an area of an area small, light weight, convenient installation, small plate varieties, dirt coefficient, etc, are widely used in the heating system, at present, the plate heat exchanger has become the core component of indirect heat exchange unit for central heating. However, in practice, the secondary network circulating water hardness was not up to standard, suspended solid, corrosion or oxygen corrosion could easily lead to scale for plate heat exchanger plate, to obstruction, corrosion or perforation, this will affect the normal function of the plate heat exchanger. Play, bring huge cost pressure or economic loss. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the plate heat exchanger plate, anti-scaling and anticorrosion, security, cleaning work, maintain the normal production of enterprises.
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