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The characteristics of the plate condenser core pulling in the machine

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-01
The characteristics of the plate condenser in the core-pulling machine 1, plate condenser structure is simple, general installation maintenance unit can realize core-pulling machine assembly, but make fully realized has the certain difficulty, main is 7 m long worm and worm gear machining difficult, must be in advanced machining, so the cost is higher. 2, security is better than suspension wire rope type core pulling machine. Plate condenser drawn tube bundle on the rack, did not fall. 3, can be used to take a larger diameter tube bundle. 4, slow speed, low efficiency, 6 m bundle out about 40 min. If less cohesive force between the plate condenser tube bundle and shell, core pulling smoothly, basic can satisfy the use requirement. But heavy plate condenser of the plant, the cohesive force between the tube bundle and shell is bigger, use no momentum core-pulling machine, often need to use the manpower, use the gourd, bundle to move after core-pulling machine to separate out the plate condenser tube bundle.
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