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The choice of plate heat exchanger has the advantages of what?

by:DIGUANG     2020-03-28
The choice of plate heat exchanger has the advantages of what? 1. Clean convenient clamping plate of plate heat exchanger, after removing the can loosen the plate beam, plate, mechanical cleaning. 2. Easy to change hot area or combination of process only needs to add ( Or cut) Board piece, adding to demand ( Or cut) The heat transfer area. 3. Quotation is not high on the premise of using data as, due to the layout of the information demand by less, so the production cost will be lower than tube heat exchanger. 4. Light weight of the plate heat exchanger plate thickness is only 0. 6 ~ 0. 8 mm, tube and shell heat exchanger of heat exchange tube thickness of 2. 0 ~ 2. 5毫米; The shell tube heat exchanger much heavier than the layout of the plate heat exchanger. In the end under the condition of the same heat transfer mission, demand by the plate heat exchanger heat transfer area is smaller than of tube and shell heat exchanger. 5. Cover an area of an area small plate heat exchanger layout is compact, per unit volume of heat exchange area of tube and shell heat exchanger of 2 ~ 5 times, also don't like a tube and shell heat exchanger reserve requirements take control of maintenance, and therefore the same heat transfer mission complete, covers an area of about tube plate heat exchanger heat exchanger of 1/5 ~ 1/10. 6. The layout of the high heat transfer coefficient of tube and shell heat exchanger, in terms of strength is very good, but look from the heat transfer point of view is not ambition, because the fluid activity in the shell side there is a baffle plate - Shell, baffle plate - Heat exchange tube, control - The bypass between shell. Through the bypass fluid, did not fully participate in heat transfer. And plate heat exchanger, there is no bypass, and corrugated plate can make the fluid in smaller velocity under turbulent flow. So have higher heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger, normally 3 ~ 5 times that of tube and shell heat exchanger.
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