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The cleaning and maintenance of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-29
Cleaning and maintenance of plate heat exchanger ( 1) Generally don't collapse of plate heat exchanger cleaning, water to flow in the opposite direction flush with the media, can be out of the stuff, but shall not be higher than the work pressure, can also be used for stainless steel chemical germicides non-corrosive. ( 2) Such as use for a long time, the plate heat exchanger plate has a certain mass of sediment fouling and affect the heat transfer effect, so must regularly to unpick and wash. Disintegration of the plate heat exchanger when unpick and wash, brush with brown wash plate surface dirt, can also be used without corrosive chemical detergent cleaning. Note shall not use metal brush wash, in order to avoid damage of plates, anti-corrosion ability. ( 3) Disassembling methods: (1) the common heat exchanger, loosen the hold-down bolts, sequentially disintegration after cleaning, drawing process in strict accordance with the order by process bolts ( That is equal to the bolt positioning and bolt 1. 5 times the length of bolt, grow parts as the thread, positioning and the diameter of bolt is the same as the hold-down bolts, processed by the users themselves) Assembled clamp, and changing positioning bolt uniform compression to not leak. (2) hanging type heat exchanger, loosen the bolt plate heat exchanger, the pressure plate to support to one end of the event, then every board piece removed, respectively, after washing with back pressure as is close to no leakage. ( 4) Plate heat exchanger used after a certain period of time, such as loose, can't again even hold-down bolts to leak, but if the seal aging, then you must to replace seal. ( 5) The method of plate heat exchanger replacement gasket: pull down the old gaskets, soaking with gas sealing groove residual glue, clean, dry and then in the groove and sealing mat surface coated with a layer of thin, 801 glue, to embed the gasket groove, surrounded by uniform compression, 72 h rear can be used to assemble.
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