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The descaling of messer plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-13
The messer plate heat exchanger cleaning the messer plate heat exchanger cleaning: 1. Solubility: acid solution easily react with calcium, magnesium, carbonate scale formation of soluble compounds dissolve the messer plate heat exchanger scale; 2. Stripping effect: acid solution can be dissolved metal oxide on the surface of the destruction of combination scale. Adhesion in the messer oxide on the surface of the scale, stripped of plate heat exchanger. And then fall off; 3. Air enthalpy effect: in acid solution after the reaction with carbonate scale, produce large amounts of CO2. In the process of overflow, CO2 gas for oxidation layer can have certain enthalpy, difficult to dissolve or slow dissolve, so the heat from the heat exchanger scale. Ou messer plate heat exchanger surface fall off; 4. Loose effect: because of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and iron oxide dissolved in acid solution, the residue of messer plate heat exchanger scale becomes loose, easily by acid solution flows away.
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