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The effect of plate heat exchanger plate

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-18
The effect of plate heat exchanger plate for plate heat exchanger plate heat transfer components, gasket to seal element, gasket paste in the gasket groove plate. Good shim plate gages according to certain order ( According to the assembly drawing) Under fixed pressure plate and activities between the pressure plate, with a compression screw fixed pressure plate, plate, pressure powder compact. Keep plate, guide rod, compaction device, front pillar are collectively referred to as the framework of plate heat exchanger. Arrange all the plates according to certain rule, known as east. After compaction, plate heat exchanger of adjacent plate contact contact each other, the plate heat exchanger plate keep a certain gap between, formation fluid channel. Heat transfer medium from a fixed pressure plate, pressure plate on the takeover of discrepancy, and enter plate heat exchanger and plate heat transfer fluid channel between the.
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