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The general requirements of detachable all welded heat exchanger design

by:DIGUANG     2020-09-13
Detachable full the general requirements of welding heat exchanger design removable full welding heat exchanger design general requirements: 1, bidding unit ( If the bid for the business agent) Shall provide by the foreign factories, Detachable full welding heat exchanger manufacturing) The issue about the overall unit authorization in the project. 2, used in the design of detachable whole welding heat exchanger is the integration of the heat exchange unit, the unit major components ( Plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, frequency converter, electric valve actuators, etc. ) Are imported brand, detachable all welded heat exchanger's other main auxiliary parts shall be the joint venture or domestic high-quality brand, and form a complete set of more than 3 years of history. 3, relevant equipment, no matter during the transport, storage and installation should be taken to correct the protection of the facilities, especially the detachable whole welding heat exchanger heat exchanger and surrounding sealing strip, shall ensure that equipment is not subject to damage under any circumstances. 4, detachable refute mouth, full welding heat exchanger pipe before undergoing shuttle must take appropriate protective measures covered properly, in case the foreign body in.
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