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The Important Parts of Plate Heat Exchanger -Shanghai Empire

The Important Parts of Plate Heat Exchanger -Shanghai Empire


A plate heat exchanger is a form of heat exchanger which uses metal plates to move heat between two fluids. This has a significant advantage over a conventional heat exchanger in the fluids that are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids are spread out within the plates.

The Following Are The Important Parts of Plate Heat Exchanger :

Clamping Bolt

Clamping bolt is the important part of the plate exchanger, it is necessary to install and dismantle the plate heat exchanger because one end of the conventional bolt is not fixed, the disassembly and installation are difficult, this often needs two people to do the work. But our Clamping bolt use special brake washer, only one person can dismantle the bolt, convenient and fast.

Reducing Flange

When the customer's heat exchanger needs to be connected to a much larger pipe than the heat exchanger's connection, Shanghai Empire can provide you with a similar reducing flange in the figure to perfectly connect your pipe and heat exchanger. We have all kinds of common standard and material reducing flange, welcome to consult.

Metal Sheet Liner

Sheet lining is one of the important parts of plaate heat exchanger, which is used to seal the connection between plate heat exchanger' ports  and flange, pipe connecting pipe, etc. Shanghai Empire can provide various materials of 304, 316, Titanium, C276, SMO254, etc.

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