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The normal operation of plate heat exchanger and check

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-09
The normal operation and check 1 plate heat exchanger, to check the all the sealing surface of the plate heat exchanger and weld, observe whether the abnormal phenomenon such as leakage. If found leakage, should be timely on the leaks as a sign, to stop post-processing of plate heat exchanger. 2, plate heat exchanger to regularly check the pressure gauge, thermometer, observe whether there are abnormal phenomena. 3, plate heat exchanger when parking, slowly closing the inlet valve of hot and cold medium, then close the outlet valve of two medium. Boot is on the contrary, open the outlet valve first, and then slowly open the inlet valve. 4, regularly to testing of low voltage side medium, so as not to have high side medium mixed with. If there is mixed with that of leakage, plate heat exchanger should stop processing.
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