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The solution to the large in the resistance plate type cooler

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-21
Plate cooler resistance of the hot mix solution 1, plate cooler board: hot mixed plate plate corrugated geometric structure, the same on both sides of plates according to the Angle of herringbone ripple into hard board ( H) And soft board ( L) Angle ( General for 120. Or so) More than 90; 2, using asymmetric type cooler: both sides by plate corrugated plate type cooler geometrical structure of the same plate, form the circulation of cold and hot flow channel cross-sectional area equal cooler; 3, plate type cooler adopts the combined process: when the cold and hot medium flow is larger, can use the combined process layout, flow small side with more process, in order to improve the flow rate, high coefficient of heat transfer; 4 by-pass pipe, plate type cooler: when cold and hot medium flow rate is larger, can be set at the side of the large flow of import and export asked by-pass pipe, cut into the cooler flow, reduce drag plate type cooler.
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