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The structure of the plate heat exchanger is analyzed

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-30
Plate heat exchanger structure analysis of plate heat exchanger is composed of high efficiency heat transfer corrugated plate and frame. Plate by a bolt clamping in fixed pressure plate and activities between the pressure plate, inside the plate heat exchanger, make up a lot of flow channel, with a rubber seal between plates. Compression plate has this equipment is connected to the outside to take over. Plate heat exchanger plate with excellent corrosion resistant metal sheet suppression and become, the four rushed in and out of the Angle of the hole for medium, has hang up and down hole. Chevron bellows can increase the disturbance of the fluid, the fluid under the low speed can reach turbulent state, high heat transfer effect. Plate heat exchanger and the use of special structure, which can guarantee the two fluid does not leak.
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