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The working principle of plate heat exchanger heating system analysis

by:DIGUANG     2020-08-17
Plate heat exchanger heating system working principle analysis of plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of multiple plate assembly, and each plate there is a certain gap between the. When fluid through the plate, the plate of the gap between can have the effect of heat transfer. Due to port space is very small, the fluid in the plate for a fast, easy to form turbulence, turbulence will form a larger between corrugated. The influence of turbulence corrugated greatly enhanced heat transfer performance of plate heat exchanger. Compared with general plate heat exchanger, the heat transfer performance is better than that of common heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger can be instead of the general heat exchanger is one of the important reasons. In addition, the turbulence corrugated will also enhance the stiffness of the slab, when two fluid through the plate after the four corners of the hole will be formed in the plate heat exchanger port, the final forming forward or reverse flow. At this point, the board can be as a circulation medium heat exchange, and then complete the heating link of plate heat exchanger. Analysis of plate heat exchanger heating system can further understand the existing problems, such as plate capacity, process schedule can be changed, the turbulent ripple can be effectively used, etc. According to the above analysis, we should constantly optimize the design of the related to plate heat exchanger structure, to improve heat transfer performance of plate heat exchanger heating system.
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