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Thornton, the daily maintenance of plate heat exchanger

by:DIGUANG     2020-07-14
Thornton, the daily maintenance of plate heat exchanger sander, the daily maintenance of plate heat exchanger: 1, sander, plate heat exchanger steam purging device system, should avoid as far as possible to have a coating of cold purging, huan equipment craft does not avoid, should strictly control the purging temperature greater than 200 ℃, lest coating damage. 2, in the process of the plant shutdown, sander, plate heat exchanger should slow heating and cooling, and avoid the pressure difference is too big and thermal shock, should follow the shutdown at the same time & other; First hot after cold & throughout; , namely the first medium fever, cold media subsided; Start up & other; After first cold hot & throughout; , that is, advanced cold medium, last in medium heat. 3, before commencing work shall confirm the thread locking ring type sander, plate heat exchanger system unobstructed, avoid tube plate single overpressure. 4, serious inspection equipment operation parameters, it is forbidden to overtemperature and overpressure. Thornton, plate heat exchanger, the design of pressure differential in the process of operation shall not exceed the prescribed pressure difference. 5, sander, plate heat exchanger operating personnel should strictly abide by rules of safe operation, timing circuit inspections for Thornton, plate heat exchanger, check the bearing firmly and equipment leakage, etc.
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