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Two fixed installation methods of plate heat exchanger gasket_

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-20
Two fixed installation methods of plate heat exchanger gasket

2018-11-01 14:23
895 Next, let's talk about the fixing method of the plate heat exchanger gasket: In principle, the fixing of the seal is divided into two categories: adhesive fixing and non-adhesive fixing. The shape of the gasket of the plate heat exchanger should be consistent with the shape of the seal of the plate heat exchanger. It must be pointed out that the adhesive fixing method does not have any effect on the sealing function. Plate heat exchanger gasket non-adhesive sealing alignment: Place the sealing ring in place: Put the sealing ring into the sealing groove correctly and press tightly: In the sealing groove, there is a groove-shaped structure with a gradually decreasing cross-section to facilitate Correctly position the sealing ring. Adhesive seal. According to the purpose of use of the gasket and the sealing quality requirements, mixed sealants and non-harmonized sealants from different manufacturers can be used. Before bonding, steam air should be used to thoroughly remove the remaining adhesive and remaining gaskets on the bonding surface. For the bonding of the blended sealant, the remaining adhesive and the remaining gasket on the bonding surface of the plate heat exchanger must be burned out with fire. When bonding in large quantities, a liquid nitrogen tank for freezing seals should be prepared, and a heating furnace for drying plate heat exchangers with gaskets should be prepared. The heating temperature should reach 160°C. If conditions permit, plate type heat exchangers should be prepared. The heat exchanger is chemically cleaned to ensure that the gaskets of the adhesives remaining in the bonding surface of the plate heat exchanger are completely removed.
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