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What are the considerations plate cooler structure choice?

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-03
Plate type cooler structure should have good stability. Usually consist of steel and steel sheet, currently use cold bending steel opposite sex more. Frame size should be as suitable as bundle and the size of the fan. When choosing a framework model, the following items should be paid attention to. (1) the same length of tube bundle, to bite on the same frame. (2) different width of the tube bundle in the same frame, can not fill full width of the fabric, the opening part. Should with the seal cover closed. (3) not length between air cooling tube bundle, is generally not put together, should be separated, composed of different groups or units. (4) blast truss form the whole. Lead the wind truss most rely on tube bundle side frame beam, can't support independently. Bellows plate cooler parts of the architecture, and architecture and fan coil is linked together, every piece of fan must possess a bellows, alone with other units. The structure has the following several forms. (1) box type of truss and steel sheet ( ( 1~2rnrn) Welded. Or by the steel sheet ( ( 3 ~ 4毫米) Cold bending production, generally used in the blast. Wind also has use material consumption is more, but not complex structure. Manufacturing is simple, smooth appearance. (2) transition taper by thin steel plate ( About Zmm) And a small amount of steel manufacturing, used to guide the wind type is more, there are also used in the blast. Less material consumption. Air resistance is small, simple structure, manufacture, transportation and installation more difficult. (3) XiePoXing use in lead wind type is more, blower type are used, it has both the transition of cone type material consumption, less air resistance and box type, simple, rigid good advantage.
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