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What are the main application areas of plate heat exchangers? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-15
What are the main application areas of plate heat exchangers?

2020-10-23 14:35
The application scope of 344 plate heat exchanger involves all walks of life, and some people did not even think that the industry would even participate in it. The fact is that as long as oil, steam, water and other heat transfer conditions have its shadow, so many The industry can use it, it can be said to be an artifact of the heat exchanger. Next, the plate heat exchanger repair manufacturer Diguang Heat Transfer will briefly introduce the application of plate heat exchangers. Generally speaking, plate heat exchangers are used in HVAC machinery oil cooling equipment, refrigeration industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, coal chemical industry, waste heat recovery, sanitary paper industry, iron and steel smelting industry, electric power industry, etc. Several major industries, but in fact, many segments of the industry also have their shadows. For example, practical industries that can be applied to industry include salt production, dairy products, soy sauce, vinegar sterilization, cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating, cooling, beer production in beer, wort heating and cooling, beer equipment, sugar, gelatin concentration, and sterilization Bacteria, cooling, production of sodium glutamate, raw juice heating, pulp heating, milk pasteurization and cooling, multi-step milk plate cooler/heat exchanger, carbonated juice heating and cooling, syrup heating, juice heating, nightmare heat sterilization Sterilizing and cooling rice wine, white wine, papaya alcohol heating and cooling, dairy products heating and cooling, aseptic water cooling. Hydroponic cultivation of heating, cooling, evaporation, crystallization, sterilization, sugar and starch, fermentation and brewing, soft drinks, various foods, beverages, fruit juices, beer and other processes. The cooling and heating process of vegetable oil (palm oil). The application range of the plate heat exchanger produced by Diguang Heat Transfer is so wide. If you want to know more about the repair price, plan, process, etc. of the brand plate heat exchanger, please go to the official website of the Diguang heat transfer plate heat exchanger brand for detailed consultation.
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