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What are the major elements of plate heat exchanger rubber pads? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-05
What are the major elements of plate heat exchanger rubber pads?

2021-01-26 11:13
401 plate heat exchanger gaskets are very important for plate heat exchangers. Many operators do not know much about plate heat exchanger gaskets. Today I will share with you the information of plate heat exchanger gaskets. What are the major factors? The effective heat exchange of the plate heat exchanger is not only carried out in the narrow space between the plates, but also in the many gaskets between the plates. In practical applications, the gasket is considered to be the most important and most demanding component in PHE. The gasket must not only seal the medium so that it does not leak to the external environment, but also prevent the exchange of media. Mixed. Therefore, the development of gaskets directly determines the application areas of plate heat exchangers. Synthetic rubber can change its shape just like a fluid. Of course, it cannot flow. When the squeezing force that presses its deformation disappears, it can return to its original shape (that is, the volume of the gasket does not change during the compression process. Change, expressed by the magnitude of pressure change). It should have sufficient strength to withstand the squeezing force that makes it into a sealed state and withstand the high-pressure fluid medium (ie, the physical properties of the rubber gasket, such as the tensile strength and the tensile strength). The rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger is adjusted to the formula, so that it can not only achieve sufficient strength for use, but also have sufficient plasticity, so that it can be closely attached to the metal surface under appropriate pressure to produce a seal. Function (the shape of the gasket is consistent with the groove shape of the sealing plate). In the above article, the editor shared with you several major elements of plate heat exchanger rubber pads? If you have any questions about the rubber pads of the plate heat exchanger, the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer welcomes your consultation.
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