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What are the reasons for the melting of the rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-16
What are the reasons for the melting of the rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger?

2020-10-10 14:28
The melting phenomenon of 394 plate heat exchanger rubber gasket has been plagued many people, so do you know why the rubber gasket melts? Next, the plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturer Diguang Heat Transfer will briefly introduce the reasons for the melting of the plate heat exchanger rubber gasket. First of all, we must start to understand the working conditions themselves. The customer's situation is that the hot and cold side medium is wastewater. The inlet temperature of the hot side can reach about 150 degrees, but the chloride ion content is about 5000 mg/L. pH3-4, sulfate ion is about 3000mg/L, the rubber gasket used before, from the composition point of view, the rubber strip must be corrosion-resistant. Experience shows that what is more worrying about is the heat resistance of the rubber strip. In fact, we can see from this question that the material is not difficult to choose. The EPDM material we use most often is completely acceptable. What is the source of the melting problem of the rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger? Let's analyze it. If there is no problem with the material and corrosion resistance, there is a quality problem with the rubber strip, why? Obviously, there are problems in the production process and the use of raw materials. Although everyone uses plate heat exchangers, they do not fully understand the heat resistance of rubber pads. Today, I want to popularize some knowledge. The maximum heat resistance of EPDM rubber can reach about 160°C, the heat resistance of nitrile materials can reach about 140°C, and melting occurs when the temperature is 150°C. How to deal with this kind of problem? First of all, on the basis of ensuring the quality of our raw materials and production technology, the laboratory is not our furnishings. We have carried out experimental analysis on the specific medium used by the customer, and adjusted the formula of the strip according to the actual situation. To rest assured, consumers can visit the factory in person. Facts will prove our production capacity and technical strength casually. The problem of the rubber gasket of the plate heat exchanger is the most cause of equipment failure. If you want to know more about the brand, program, process, etc. of plate heat exchanger gaskets, welcome to the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer Plate Heat Exchanger brand for detailed consultation.
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