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What fields is fully welded plate heat exchanger applied in?
Plate heat exchanger is found to be suitable to be used in different industries, witnessing fast growth of these industries. Its application value is maximized when it is fully utilized in different scenarios. Shanghai Empire Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the application of the product by studying the detailed specifications of the product. We know that the product will continue to benefit society so we never stop our endeavor in upgrading its quality. If customers are interested in its application, please consult with us through the hotline.

DIGUANG appears to rise in the plate heat exchanger market. plate and shell heat exchanger series manufactured by Shanghai Empire include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Adhering the principle of 'Quality First', the product is guaranteed to be high-quality. Its integrated hydraulic system help lowers the oil leaking potentials. The qualify of work during the process will also lead to the high-quality plate heat exchanger. It can effectively realize heat exchange between hot and cold fluids.

As the power source of DIGUANG, plate heat exchanger plays an important role in it. Get price!
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