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What is a special plate cooler?

by:DIGUANG     2020-04-05
Plate type cooler everybody is very familiar with the performance and characteristic, but if added a special word in front of it, you may be confused, what is a special plate cooler? 1. In view of the fluid, temperature, pressure and other conditions of use, humanized design and classification. Due to a variety of different types of products, users can choose according to actual situation. 2. Fluid can be evenly distributed on the whole layout, unique triage area design to greatly improve work efficiency. And make full use of all the heat transfer area. 3. Due to using a combination of two kinds of curing epoxy adhesive gasket, the last one allows you to rest assured use is the advantages of stable not easy to damage. Therefore paste in the gasket groove is absolutely constant. 4. Special plate heat exchanger, only one person can easy disassembling heat exchanger with simple tools. Is just one person, you may not believe, but the unique clamping bolt design will dispel your doubts.
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