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What is the specific content of plate heat exchanger maintenance? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-04-14
What is the specific content of plate heat exchanger maintenance?

2020-12-01 16:44
166 plate heat exchanger has a fixed life. If the daily maintenance is unqualified, it will affect the life of the plate heat exchanger. Therefore, many operators attach great importance to the maintenance of plate heat exchangers. What is the specific content of the plate heat exchanger repair and maintenance? 1. Before using the equipment, check whether the compression bolts are loose and whether the compression size A meets the size specified in the manual. If it does not meet the requirements, the bolts should be evenly tightened to reach the specified size. 2. Before use, perform a hydraulic test on the equipment, test the pressure on both sides of the cold and hot separately, the test pressure is 1.25 times the operating pressure, the pressure holding time is 30 minutes, and the sealing parts can be put into use without leakage. 3. When the equipment is used in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry with high hygiene requirements, the equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before use, and the oil and debris in the equipment should be disinfected. 4. When the operating medium contains a large amount of sand or other debris, a filter device should be installed in front of the equipment. 5. The inlet and outlet pipes of the cold and hot media should be connected according to the markings on the pressing plate of the equipment, otherwise, the operation performance of the equipment will be affected. 6. When the equipment is in operation, slowly inject the low-pressure side liquid, and then inject the high-pressure side liquid; when stopping, slowly cut off the high-pressure side liquid fluid, and then cut off the low-pressure side liquid fluid. 7. After the equipment is running for a long time, different degrees of scale or sediment will be produced on the surface of the plate, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the flow resistance. Therefore, the equipment should be opened for inspection regularly to remove the dirt. In the past two years, the online cleaning technology of plate heat exchangers has been promoted to a certain extent. The cleaning process is relatively simple and realizes the cleaning without dismantling the machine, which has played a good role in quickly improving the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment. The choice of cleaning agent is particularly critical. For some imported plate heat exchangers, which have thin walls, the traditional method of adding acid cleaning agents and corrosion inhibitors may cause corrosion of the equipment, or even cause corrosion and leakage in severe cases. This has become a major reason why some manufacturers are hesitant to clean. 8. The damaged plate should be replaced in time. If there is no spare plate, two adjacent plates can be removed if allowed, and the compact size should be reduced accordingly. 9. When repairing, the aging gasket should be replaced, the fallen gasket should be re-bonded, and the gasket should be cleaned into the groove, coated with adhesive, and the gasket should be aligned and firmly glued. Today, the editor shared with the family what is the specific content of the maintenance of the plate heat exchanger? If you have any questions about the maintenance of the plate heat exchanger, the official website of Diguang Heat Transfer welcomes your consultation.
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