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What should I do if the brazed plate heat exchanger fails during operation? _

by:DIGUANG     2021-03-30
What should I do if the brazed plate heat exchanger fails during operation?

2019-12-11 11:07
751 due to the influence of certain factors, the brazed plate heat exchanger may have some failures during operation, such as: leakage, leakage, fluid flow, increased pressure drop, low heat exchange efficiency, etc. How can this be done? Next, the editor from Diguang will tell everyone about the causes and corresponding solutions for the operation failure of the brazed plate heat exchanger. Failure type one of plate heat exchanger: Leakage, leakage 1) L value is insufficiently compressed or biased. 2) The gasket is not well bonded, there are foreign objects or the gasket is defective. 3) The gasket is aging or the gasket material is improperly selected. 4) The plates and gaskets are placed upside down. Measures: first check whether the nut of the clamping screw is loose and whether the clamping size is consistent with the equipment installation drawing. If the nut is loose, the clamping size is generally too large. You can re-tighten the nut to see if it is loose and the clamping size is consistent with the drawing; if it still leaks, It is necessary to open the equipment to check the sealing gasket. If the sealing gasket comes out of the gasket groove, it must be re-applied and replaced if it is damaged. When most of the sealing gaskets are damaged at the same time, pay attention to re-select the gasket of suitable material. Plate heat exchanger fault type two: liquid leakage Check method: open the low pressure side outlet during normal operation and check whether the second liquid is mixed. 1) Corrosion penetration of the plate. 2) The plate has cracks. Measures: Use the introduced plate inspection method to find out the problem, remove or replace the plate. Note that when adding or subtracting plates, the A and B plates should be added or reduced in pairs. Failure type three of the plate heat exchanger: increased pressure drop and low heat exchange efficiency 1) Internal blockage. 2) Scaling of plates. 3) The plate arrangement is wrong. 4) The internal air is not exhausted. Measures: Do not disassemble for cyclic cleaning or disassembly for cleaning; check the arrangement of the plates to correct errors; exhaust the internal air. The above is an introduction to the causes of the operation failure of the brazed plate heat exchanger and the corresponding solutions. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the maintenance plan of plate heat exchanger, welcome to visit the official website of Diguang.
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